Monday, March 8, 2010

Yashaswini Transcores

Regd. Office: No. 163, Fifth Main Road Chamaraj Pet, Bangalore 560018

Works: Shed No. 3, Survey No 10/1, Lakshmi Industrial Estate,Yellachennahalli, J.P. Nagar Post Bangalore 560078


Yashaswini Transcores is a partnership company started in 1995 to manufacture electrical laminations.

Our registered office is located in the heart of the city at 163, Fifth Main Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore 560 018. The factory is located at Yelechenahalli in an industrial area with sufficient space and power.

The plant site was selected due to its proximity to our major customers, so that we could offer deliveries at short notices.

Our production comprise of manufacture of Electrical laminations of E & I, U & T, and other types of special laminations. However our core competency is in the manufacture of various sizes of U & T for Ballasts for all types starting from 11W CFL ballast to 400W Metal Halide. We are at present supplying most of our produce to a reputed O E M who caters to the top brand ballast manufacturers.

We also have all the toolings for the manufacture of various types of E & I lamination.

We have now tied up with a lot of reputed companies in Singapore, South Korea, China for supply of good quality material at a very competitive price which we intend to pass on to our customers there by reducing the cost of the final product

As a part of our expansion plans we intend to cater to the new markets where there is a huge need for quality products and in this regard are in touch with a lot of reputed companies who have shown interest to give orders.

Yashaswini Transcores is a partner ship company having 3 partners

Dhananjaya.A is a B.E (Mech) graduate from R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore. After passing out he was working as a research scholar in Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology a Govt of Karnataka undertaking in the IISC campus, and as a part time lecturer in R.V.College of Engg.

In the year 1991 he started Dev Components Pvt Ltd to manufacture of stampings and pressed components, basically catering to the pump industry and is an O E M supplier to a reputed pump company in Coimbatore.

Mr.Manoj Kumar a B.E (Elect) from U.V.C.E, Bangalore. In 1995 He along with Mr. Dhananjaya started this company to cater to the lamination segment as Dev components was fully into stampings.

Mrs.Havismitha a graduate is the other partner who takes care of day to day financial activities.

The factory is situated at Shed no 3, Lakshmi Industrial Estate, Yelechenahalli, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore -70.

It consists of a shed size with a built up area of 2400sft. The shed is rented and shortly our company will be moving to its own place further down Kanakapura Road, where land has been identified. Our company is situated in an industrial converted land and has all sufficient infrastructure needed for an industry of our type.

The shop floor consists of an area of 2400sft where the High Speed Pneumatic Power Presses are installed, on side and decoilers and straighter on the other side. The grinding machine and other maintenance machines are installed on the other side where sufficient space is available for a crane if necessary to be installed.

The store room, tool room, and office are situated in the entrance, a 12ft RCC structure with a provision for a hoist to load and unload coils/bundles etc there is also a provision for a generator room at the back. The sanctioned power of the unit is 60 H P which is sufficient.

The other structures namely security, rest room are situated in the front.

We have a maintenance / assembly tool room where regular maintenance of tools like alignment, deburring, replacement of worn out parts of tools is done.

We also assemble new tools in our tool room. The wire cut & other important parts are outsourced and finally assembled in our tool room.

We also design new lamination and do the prototype of the laminations according to the desire of our clients in our tool room.



High Speed Pneumatic Dobby Yamada {Japan} High Speed Pneumatic DOBBY YAMADA {Japan}
Power Press 30 T Power Press 20 T
(850 Strokes per minute) (1200 Strokes per minute)
With Auto Feed technology & Decoilers & Recoilers With Auto Feed technology & Decoilers & Recoilers

High Speed Pneumatic SEYI {Taiwan}
Power Press 40 T
(360 Strokes per minute)
With Auto Feed technology & Decoilers & Recoilers

High Speed Pneumatic NIAGARA {U.S}
Power Press 40 T
(270 Strokes per minute)
With Auto Feed technology & Decoilers & Recoilers

High Speed Pneumatic ISIS {Japan}
Power Press 40 T
(500 Strokes per minute)
With Auto Feed technology & Decoilers & Recoilers


1. Surface Grinder 1 no. JAKOBSEN {Denmark}
2. Bench Grinder 1 no. IFFCO
3. Shear Grinder 1 no. RALI
4. Drilling M/c 1 no. IFFCO
Maintenance accessories like Ring Spanner set, Spanner set, Allen keys, C-Clamps, Diamond files, etc., and other accessories necessary for the maintenance of tools and dies.

We have a small tool room where only maintenance work of tools is undertaken and do not have any in house design or manufacturing facilities. We have a tie up with a reputed tool room where we get our tools designed for optimum utilization of raw material and the quality of the finished goods too is far superior.

E & I Lamination auto stacked for Ballast

E & I Lamination for HID Ballasts

E & I Lamination for Transformers

U & T Lamination for Ballasts


Power Tool Stampings Motor Stampings for submersible pumps Ignition Coil Lamination

We have MITUTOYA digital verniers, micrometers surface plate,Go-No go gauges etc,

We have 10 skilled machine operators who have put in at least 8 years of service in our company.We have 6 semi skilled women whose main job is to inspect and pack the stampings.Apart from this we have 4 unskilled worked who help in loading & unoading the materials etc. A fitter with 5 Years of experience in maintenance of tools, machineries look after the shop floor.

The overall supervision is done by one of the partners and the accounting and day to day commercial activities too are handled by the partners

Production of stamping involves coil punching and the whole process is automatic, the material is fed by the decoiler, the high speed press punches, the finished component is collected from the chute and the scrap is shredded and discarded after production the components are stacked to the required height, checked for quality with Go-NoGo gauges and finally packed either in slim cardboard boxes and then finally into thick corrugated boxes, or wooden crates as the case may be.

The average production of our plant since its inception is about 35 Tonnes/month. Since the market is seasonal and due to market fluctuation there will be a variation, however we have been able to cater to all seasonal fluctuations with a capability to ramp up production at short notice.

Now with the addition of high speed presses imported from SINGAPORE, we have the capability and the capacity to easily do 125 T of laminations per month.

We have now tie ups with steel companies in SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN & CHINA from where we have access to good material, at a very competitive price, by which we are in a very strong position to supply quality material and very attractive prices.

We have a tie up with a reputed tool room where we get our tools designed for optimum utilization of raw material and the quality of the finished goods too is far superior.

With these factors in mind we are sure of achieving our objective of being the best in the lamination industry in terms of quality, pricing, and delivery and hope to be a brand leader in the years to come

The basic raw materials we use are Cold Rolled Non Grain Oriented Steel (C.R.N.G.O) & Cold Rolled Close Annealed Steel (C.R.C.A) of thickness 0.5mm. Over the years we have developed a very good cordial business relationship with Steel Mills and Steel Service Centers in SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN & CHINA. We import the raw materials which are quality assured.